Study shows the cost of LGBTQ+ conversion practices


A newly published study on sexual orientation and gender identity change efforts (SOGICE), commonly referred to as conversion practices, has found that the practice has huge economic and social costs.

The study which was published this month undertook a systematic literature review and economic evaluation and found that the total annual cost of SOGICE among 4 ,554, 300 LGBTQ youths in the US is estimated at $650.16 million, with associated harms, such as substance abuse and suicide attempts, totaling an estimated total economic burden of $9.23 billion.

The study suggests that, in addition to being detrimental from a clinical and humanistic standpoint, SOGICE and their harmful effects among LGBTQ youths in the US are estimated to cost billions of dollars each year.

The researchers note that many jurisdictions in the USA have banned practices which aim to change or suppress a person’s sexuality or gender identity, and there is a large number of studies showing how damaging the practices can be, but their research adds a new dimension to the arguments on why legislators should take action – an economic argument.

Victoria’s ban on conversion practices recently came into effect, and advocates have described it as the “gold standard” in legislation in the area. Western Australia’s government has voiced it’s opposition to sexual orientation and gender identity change efforts, but has not put forward similar legislation.

Former Western Australian Health Minister Roger Cook publicly warned public and private psychologists that they may in breach of their professional code of ethics and code of conduct for undertaking any practices  that attempt to change sexual orientation, and he strongly encouraged people to report breaches to the relevant authorities.

When he was in the role of Health Minister Cook said the McGowan Government’s approach would be to tighten up the rules around counsellor registration, but the government was not planning any specific legislation to ban the practice.

Australian Christian Lobby says Victoria’s conversion laws will see church leaders arrested

As Victoria’s conversion practice legislation came into effect, the Australian Christian Lobby labeled the laws as “draconian” and said it would lead to religious leaders being arrested.

Martyn Iles, Managing Director of the Australian Christian Lobby said the Victorian government would be targeting churches now the laws were operational.

“It does look as though they are going to be enforced very actively, and churches are going to be targeted, and that is based on the information and statements being put out by the Human Rights Commission in Victoria.” Iles said during a video post.

“I believe that a Victoria church leader will be prosecuted before too long under these laws, and it is certainly true that police will knock on the doors of one , or two, or several Victoria church leaders.

Iles said Victoria’s Human Rights Commission would be “sniffing around” looking for people to prosecute under the new laws.

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