And the survey says: Grindr might be making you sad

An online survey has asked people abut how different phone apps make them feel, and while some apps perk up our mood, overwhelmingly people say hook up app Grindr makes them feel down.

Time Well Spent asked 200,000 iPhone users about how apps make them feel. Mental health apps like Headspace and Calm scored well, as did music apps and podcasts, but dating programs didn’t fare so well.

But when it came to dating app Grindr, it scored as the top app most likely to make people unhappy. Seventy seven per cent of Grindr users in the survey said the app left them feeling down, it scored a bigger unhappiness result than Facebook with 64%, and Tindr which scored 56%.

The organisation which is dedicated to “reversing the digital attention crisis” said there was a clear difference between how much time we spent on particular apps and how they ended up making us feel.

Those users who logged on for a short period each day found enjoyment, but those who spent longer and longer periods engaged with the apps found them increasingly less satisfying.

People who used for Facebook for around 22 minutes per day found it enjoyable, but those who logged on for an hour or more had the opposite feeling of satisfaction.

This survey didn’t reveal how long people were spending on Grindr, but previous studies have shown people using the app for up to two hours a day.

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