Swallow Bar is The Choice of the People

Swallow bar

Swallow Bar, the friendly Maylands local on Whatley crescent, has been awarded Peoples’ Choice Best Small Bar thanks to its devoted clientele and the Small Bars Association of WA.

Owners Meredith Bastian and Zoe Roy shared their excitement with OUTinPerth.

“It’s great for us because it was the Peoples’ Choice Award so all our regulars and supporters could get in there and vote, and it felt great. Everyone responded so well.” Roy said.

“Peoples’ Choice, that’s what it’s all about! Who else’s choice is it?”

Bastian shared what she believes makes Swallow special.

“We just love doing what we do and we really put ourselves behind everything that we doing a sense that we’re very very particular about the kind of, what actually ends up on peoples’ plate or in their glass or in their ears. Also we make sure people feel really welcome when they come in the space”

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