Switzerland approves same-sex marriage, but there could be a challenge

Switzerland has approved same-sex marriage but there could be a few challenges before the law becomes reality for LGBT people.

A bill allowing for marriage equality was passed on Friday 18th December, but the Federal Democratic Union Party, a Christian based political group, have requested that a referendum be held before the law is made official. Under Swiss law any referendum can be called on any issue if enough signatures can be collected.

The Rainbow Families Association of Switzerland has declared it’s ready for a referendum, and given the high level of public support shown in polls they expect any challenge will be unsuccessful. Recent polls have shown support for changing the law is as high as 82 per cent.

The law change would also include a clause which would allow lesbians to be able to access sperm donation services for the first time. Civil partnerships have bbeen available in the country since 2007 but debate over changing the marriage laws has dragged on for many years.

In 2017 Australia became the 24th country to achieve marriage equality. Since Australia’s laws were changed same-sex marriage has also been permitted in Austria, Taiwan, Ecuador, and Costa Rica. Earlier this year marriage equality was also achieved in Northern Ireland.

OIP Staff

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