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People in the PM’s electorate don’t support his plebiscite plan

Voters in the Prime Ministers own electorate of Wentworth don’t support his plan for a plebiscite on marriage equality. A poll conducted by Reachtel on behalf of Australian Marriage Equality (AME) found voters in Malcolm Turnbull’s electorate of Wentworth are largely for marriage equality and overwhelmingly against a national unbinding plebiscite. The survey has found 63% of Wentworth […]

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ACL Say Smoking Healthier Than Gay Marriage

ACL Say Smoking Healthier Than Gay Marriage

Jim Wallace, head of the Australian Chrisitian Lobby has said that smoking is healthier than gay marriage. Mr Wallace made his comments during a debate with The Greens leader Senator Christine Milne. The two idealogically oposed leaders were facing each other off at the Unviersity of Tasmania. Mr Wallace’s comments came after a student asked […]

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