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PHOTOS: Friday at The Court

Friday night got a little aromatic at the Court as our queens sauteed their favourite Spices. Ginger (Veronica Jean Jones), Posh (Alexas Armstrong), Baby (Fay Rocious), Sporty (Barbie Q Coals) and Scary (Ruby Jewelz), direct from the UK, will be spicing up our collective lives until the end of July.

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POP! All Spiced Up

POP! Connections Nightclub’s Thursday night feast of pop music celebrated it’s first birthday this week with a brilliant tribute to The Speice Girls! Hostess Barbie Q took on the challenge of being Sporty, while Feminem was Ginger, Anna Mation was Posh, Hannah Conda was Baby and Ruby Jewelz stole the show as Scary! Afterwards audience […]

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How To Do Drag Well

You know when you’re stood in the bar, drink in hand, thinking ‘I wonder how long it takes them to get ready? Where did they get that outfit? How did they learn to do that?’ Maybe after seven Sambucca shots you’ve even asked them. Regardless, here’s the answers to the questions you’ve always wanted to […]

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