Take a look at the first trailer for ‘Love, Simon’ spin-off ‘Love, Victor’

The first trailer for upcoming TV series Love Victor has been released, and it shows a comical, touching and hormone filled scene featuring the show’s lead character.

Love Victor is a spin-off from the popular movie Love Simon, it’s set to stream on U.S. service Hulu in June, and is sure to be picked up by an Australian service too.

The clip sees the title character Victor heading into his local cafe to apply for a casual job as a barrista where he discovers his crush is the guy behind the counter.

The show was originally developed for Disney+ but was handed off to another broadcaster after it was deamed to be “not family orientated enough”, which seems like a dumb move for the mouse-run streaming service, because after we’d finished The Mandalorian we didn’t renew our subscriptions.

Michael Cimino plays the title character Victor while his crush Benji is portrayed by George Sear. Actor Nick Robinson will reprise his role as Simon, serving as the show’s narator. Robinson is also a producer on the series.

Check out the clip below. 

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