The Age editorial supports Gayby Baby, GLBTQI community

home_bgVictorian newspaper The Age has eviscerated the decision by the NSW government to ban schools from screening gay parenting documentary ‘Gayby Baby’ in an editorial expressing support for same-sex parents and the LGBTIQ community.

The Age warns of the dangers of censoring films such as ‘Gayby Baby’ in schools. “There are clearly still far too many people in our community who do not fully comprehend that people who are not heterosexual are normal,” the article reads, “Discrimination abounds; it is a blot on this nation, one we can and must remove.”

A debate that has become heavily embedded into Australian politics, The Age believe a discussion of equality and acceptance is not political – but about common sense, decency and fairness. Those who oppose systemic equality for LGBTIQ individuals would argue it is an ideological push of a political agenda – an existence that Daily Telegraph columnist Piers Ackerman publicly decried as “not normal”.

Calling for those who lead to take responsibility, the editorial implores those in power to ask themselves one question when considering censorship of LGBTIQ – “Is this right and just?”

The Age believe the answer to this question is self-evident.

Identifying the increased risk of mental health issues, self-harm and suicide within the LGBTIQ community, The Age name the “unfair treatment of non-heterosexual people is also literally a life and death matter.”

“It does a public service by showing such families are, again, normal. It is for all of us to ensure these families’ rights are respected.”

The editorial acknowledges that many Victorian schools have shown the film with the support of their government under Premier Daniel Andrews – imploring others to take a lead.

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