The ‘Better Together’ conference heads to Geelong in 2024

The Equality Project has announced that their Better Together Conference will be heading to Geelong in 2024 and will be held on the 14th and 15th of June.

The conference is an opportunity to explore the current issues facing the LGBTIQA+ movement in Australia. Delegates representing Australia’s diverse LGBTIQA+ communities and organisations come together to share ideas and experiences, learn from each other, forge alliances and ultimately work together to build a better world for LGBTIQA+ Australians.

Better Together 2024 promises to feature exciting guest speakers from around the world and several pre-conference events will be running to explore how different parts of our community might work towards being Better Together.

OUTinPerth attended the 2023 event in Adelaide and saw how the conference organisers successfully crammed in a huge variety of speakers, topics and conversations. It also has excellent disability access.

Launch tickets are available until 3rd December, and then price of attending increases as you get closes to the conference opening. There are also scholarships available to assist people to attend. Proposals for sessions at the conference close on 30th January.

Graeme Watson 

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