The Court will now close temporarily after new government advice

The Court have announced today they will be temporarily closing their doors due to COVID-19, after new advice delivered by the federal government.

The new guidelines released today has tightened measures for non-essential gatherings of fewer than 100 people, including restrictions on density to no more than one person per four square meters.

In compliance with this advice, the local LGBTIQ+ venue broke the news on social media today of their temporary closure.

“It gives me great sadness to announce that given the latest developments of the Corona virus hitting a new stage here in WA that, despite the government’s encouragement to stay open on Wednesday and the even with the new measures that would allow us to trade today, we cannot continue to keep The Court open,” venue owner Bree Maddox and the management team write.

“My heart is breaking for all of our staff, we tried our absolute best to save some of your jobs and the managers have worked around the clock to put so many measures in place over the past few days but I can’t in good conscience keep the doors open when the risk of harm is too great.”

“The Court is a place of celebration, love and support, it is a place that we all fiercely adore and to close her doors and for our community to lose such an important institution is heartbreaking. I am so sorry for the impact this will have on our team and our patrons, we have an attitude of never letting anything beat us at The Court and yet we have been undone by a virus smaller than a cell.”

“We will rise again, like the proverbial phoenix, but probably one covered in glitter and coming out of rainbows. As soon as we can reopen or find a way to employ people again and give our staff back their jobs we will.”

Earlier this week, The Court and Connections Nightclub announced their temporary closure, with The Court reverting their decision based on the rapidly-changing advice from federal and state governments and Health Departments. Now both of Perth’s LGBTIQ+ nightclubs will be closing their doors for the time being.

Both The Court and Connections have pledged to keep followers updated on the situation through their social media channels.

OIP Staff