The gay guests check into ‘Summer Love’ this week

In the ABC’s new comedy-drama anthology series Summer Love the only constant character is a luxurious short term rental holiday house by the sea.

Each episode of the series follows the adventures of a different set of guests who’ve rented the property. This week the holiday house is the setting for a camp romantic comedy when a gay couple check in for a weekend away.

So far, the house has experienced two couples who are realising that their long friendship might be reaching its expiry date, a Muslim man dealing with abandonment issues, a couple weighing up the prospect of becoming parents, plus two strangers who are forced to share the house due to a double booking.

This week the story is about Luke and Olly who confront societal expectations of being gay men versus what they actually want as a happy couple.

In the episode Tim Draxl plays Luke, who has splurged out on the impressive holiday getaway to spend some time with is boyfriend Olly, played by Harry McNaughton, Daniel Fischer plays unexpected guest Alexander.

The episode was written by queer comedian Nath Valvo alongside co-writer Jayden Masciulli.

Check it out on Wednesday 28 September at 9pm on ABC TV and ABC iview.

OIP Staff

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