There will be no news during the strike for climate action

Speirins Media and OUTinPerth will be showing our support for global action against climate change on Friday 20th September.

We will be joining the students, community groups and supporters who are calling on governments around the world to take greater and immediate action on climate change. We will be joining the Arts and Cultural Workers WA for Climate Action at the protest in Forrest Place.

We will not stand by as political inaction threatens our communities, livelihoods and the planet we share. We strongly support the calls for no new coal, oil and gas projects, including the Adani mine; net zero emissions and 100% renewable energy generation and exports by 2030; immediate funding for a just transition and job creation for fossil-fuel industry workers and communities.

Across Western Australia arts companies and cultural bodies are stopping work for the day to ensure this message is heard by those who have the greatest power to make lead and make change. We are also reviewing our operations and processes to ensure we are as environmentally responsible as possible, and welcome our readers thoughts on strategies we can implement.

On Friday 20th September we will post no news, interviews or stories, the only work our team will undertake is covering the protest event.

Leigh Andrew Hill  & Graeme Watson

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