Tim Wilson on marriage equality: The country wants us to move on

Liberal MP Tim Wilson says the country is over the long running marriage equality debate and wants the government to move on.

Appearing on SKY News The Morning Shift Wilson said the decade long debate had faced many twists and turns but it was time for the government to allow a free vote and get on to other business.

“I’d like to move on from this issue,” Wilson told host Tom Connell. “I’d like the country to move on, I think the country would like us to move on.”

Wilson said the government needed to get on to talking about budget repair and other issues and finally put the marriage debate to a vote.

“What I’ve read in the press is that Dean Smith is going to put a bill forward for consideration, presumably to the party room. They’ll be some sort of a discussion.

“My view on this issue is completely clear and unambiguous, my view has always been that we should resolve this issue in parliament. I’ve said that about a hundred times before.”

“Members of parliament were elected to support a plebiscite, which somebody like myself has done but we also have a free vote in this parliament, so we’ll end up where we will end up.” Wilson said.

Wilson wouldn’t be drawn on whether the issue would be a deal-breaker between the Liberal party and their coalition partners The Nationals.

“I don’t even know what is in the coalition agreement because I’ve never seen a copy of it, and I suspect most Nationals have never seen a copy of the coalition agreement either.” Wilson said.

The member for Goldstein in Victoria said a Liberal members right to free vote was not something that could not be “traded away”.

Asked if he would consider dropping the issue if other people in the Liberal party made the issue one that could end Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s leadership, Wilson said marriage equality was not an issue that defined the Liberal party.

“I think this is not an issue that defines the Liberal party. The Liberal party is a political movement organised for the freedom of the individual, and people free to live their lives as they see fit. It’s a political party that believes in the value of family.” Wilson said.

The MP said politicians needed to recognise that in a modern society families came in many different forms.

“We know that there are thousands of different family arrangements and it isn’t the job of government to come in and dictate the terms of those relationships, its to encourage them to enter strong committed bonds, the foundation for family, community and country.” Wilson said.

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