Tom and Wayne from Gogglebox speak about why they want to be married

Tom and Wayne from the TV show Gogglebox have spoken about why they want to get married in a new video from the Equality Campaign.

“I think it’s about time, we’ve been together for seventeen years.” Tom says in the video.

Wayne shares his regret that his mother passed away 18 months ago before the laws could be changed.

“My Mum’s greatest wish was to see us married.” Wayne said.

“It’s about showing the world that we’re together” Tom declared in the video.

The pair will be back on our TV screens with a new series of the show about people watching TV shows.

The series return to our screens on Wednesday, 4 October, at 7.30pm on Foxtel’s Lifestyle channel and streaming on Foxtel Now, and will also be broadcast the following day at 8.30pm on TEN and WIN Network.

While Tom and Wayne will still be on the popular TV show, one set of Goggleboxers won’t be returning.

High school acquaintances and housemates Zina and Vivian will not be returning for the new season. Vivian has recently moved overseas and Zina is embarking on new adventures of her own. In their place a new family will make its debut on the show.

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