Tommy Harris isn’t ready to ‘Say Goodbye’ on new track

Australian based talent, Tommy Harris, has returned with his 2022 debut with the release of the latest single Say Goodbye.

The Melbourne based singer songwriter has reaped great success with a previously released EP titled Butterflies & Feels, and this time he’s back and better than ever with incredibly angelic and raw vocals.

Speaking on the track, Tommy says, “Say Goodbye was actually one of those songs that just wrote itself in like a day cos the emotions and what I was feeling was hitting so hard.”

“It’s about finding the right person at the wrong time and being forced to end things with someone really special even if neither of you want to.” Tommy proclaimed.

“The circumstances weren’t on our side and ending a connection like that when you’re only getting started is one of the hardest things to do. It’s all about having to say goodbye even though it’s the last thing you want.”

The track perfectly summarises the conflicting feelings of wanting to fuel romantic love between himself and a significant other, yet confronting internal issues that may jeopardise the relationship. The vulnerability jumping out of the song gives the listeners insight into Tommy’s passion for self expression, and is a testament to his openness in sharing his inner thoughts for the benefit of producing gorgeously raw and real tunes.

Say Goodbye is out now.

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