Tony Abbott says he created the pathway for marriage equality

Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott has told Sydney’s radio 2GB that the massive turnout for the marriage postal survey is a vindication of his decision to take the issue to the people.

“It’s a vindication of the process that was put in place by my government, and continued by the Turnbull government.” Abbott said. “I think its good that everyone got a say, I think that the result now should be respected, respected by the community and respected by the parliament.”

Abbott said many of his colleagues hadn’t originally supported the public process, but they were now seeing it’s success.

“This whole idea of a plebiscite was mine originally, back when I first proposed it it wasn’t wildly popular with some of my colleagues who know endorse the process, and good on them for changing their minds.”

Abbott said his intention was now to help facilitate the passage of a bill, but it was important to acknowledge the views of people who voted against the proposal.

The former Prime Minister said there should not be any discrimination and that also applied to people who held the belief that marriage should only between a man and a woman.

Speaking to Ben Fordham, Abbott said the result of the postal survey was a great result for those who had campaigned for change for over a decade.

“Millions of people believe strongly on both sides of this issue, that’s why I thought the best way to resolve it was by popular vote.

“We’ve had the popular vote, the yes side has won, lets now get the bill through the parliament as quickly as we can, but lets do it in a way that respects freedom of conscience, respect parental rights, that’s why I think there should be some tweaks to the Dean Smith bill.” Abbott said.

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