TransFolk of WA receive $300,000 funding to support young people

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TransFolk of WA have received $300,000 in funding to deliver support services for transgender, non-binary and gender diverse young people.

Announcing the funding the government highlighted that transgender, non-binary and gender diverse  young people are at greater risk of mental health issues, including self-harm and suicide, than their cis-gendered youth.

Youth Minister Dave Kelly made the announcement of the funding on Friday which was also International Youth Day.

The three-year funding will enable TransFolk of WA to expand its Youth Service Project for young people aged 13 to 25 years and their loved ones.

The Youth Service Project provides ongoing support and assistance for transgender, non-binary and gender diverse young people through weekly meetings, fortnightly workshops, online platforms and community connection.

TransFolk of WA’s work so far has identified a specific need for peer support and social opportunities for young people within their target audience.

The new funding will enable TransFolk of WA to continue and expand the project, as well as employ a youth project officer and a team leader.

“Transgender, non-binary and gender diverse young people need support to ensure their mental and physical health and wellbeing.

“This funding will enable TransFolk of WA to expand its work in informing, empowering and advocating for trans and gender diverse people to survive and thrive.” Minister Kelly said.

“Transgender, non-binary and gender diverse young people are an incredibly vulnerable cohort.

Kelly said the expansion of TransFolk of WA’s Youth Service Project will grow participation and engagement, promote inclusion, and build community connections and reduce the isolation felt by many transgender young people.

In a post to social media Transfolk of WA said they were thrilled about the funding announcement.
“We are thrilled to announce that our brand new Youth Service is funded by the Minister for Youth Dave Kelly for the next three years! We’re so grateful; this is a colossal step forward for TransFolk of WA, and we’re excited to use this opportunity to support and many young transfolk in wa as we possibly can.
“We’d also really like to thank Dr Katrina Stratton MLA for her ongoing support and advocacy for our community. We’re delighted to know that there are people in power who care about us and what we do. We look forward to making the most of this!” the group said.

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Update: 4:58 17-08-2022 comment from Transfolk of WA added.  

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