Transgender advocate first to receive birth certificate under new Tasmanian law

Martine Delaney has become the first person in Tasmania to receive a birth certificate that recognises her true gender without the need for surgery.

The reforms came into law earlier this week, and will allow gender to be amended or removed from birth certificates without undergoing surgery, along with new anti-discrimination protections.

“Finally, it’s real, transgender Tasmanians can now have identity documents that reflect who we really are without the need for expensive and sometimes dangerous surgery,” Delaney said.

“At a personal level, this is important because for the first time in my life my birth certificate reflects who I really am.”

“It is also important because it is the culmination of a struggle, lasting almost a generation, to have equity for transgender and gender diverse Tasmanians,” Delaney continued.

“The certificate is proof our state parliament cares about all Tasmanians.”

“The sky hasn’t fallen in, and it is now a little easier for transgender and gender diverse Tasmanians to be who we really are.”

Martine Delaney has campaigned for transgender and gender diverse equality for over sixteen years.

Tasmania’s new gender laws have been described by LGBTIQ+ advocates as the most comprehensive in Australia.