Transgender rights advocate Martine Delaney inducted into Tasmanian Women’s Honour Roll

Long-time Tasmanian transgender advocate, Martine Delaney, has been inducted to the Tasmanian women’s honour roll.

The recognition celebrates Delaney’s many years as an advocate and leader on legal equality and social acceptance for transgender women and the broader LGBTIQ+ community.

Tasmanian LGBTIQ+ equality advocate Rodney Croome said Delaney had always been persistent and inspired people around Australia.

“Martine’s persistence, courage, skill and success as an advocate has been an inspiration to LGBTIQ+ people around Australia.”

“Martine’s induction recognises her profound impact when it comes to improving the lives of LGBTIQ+ people and making Tasmania a better place.”

“Martine’s induction will remind the broader community that trans and gender diverse people deserve equal recognition and respect, and it will send a message to the world that Tasmania has truly become the Rainbow Isle.” Croome said.

Fellow trans advocate, Matty Wright, who wrote Martine’s nomination, said many people did not reralise how much Delaney had contributed.

“When I sat down with Martine to talk about her work, I was blown away by how much she has done, how resilient she has been, and also how successful.”

“All LGBTIQ+ people and all Tasmanians owe her a debt of gratitude.”

“Martine’s induction will send a message to trans people and the broader LGBTIQ+ community that we are a valued part of Tasmanian society, and inspire young trans women to leadership roles within the community.” Wright said.

Source: Media Release, image: Martine Delaney with Speaker of the House of Assembly, Sue Hickey

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