Turkey’s President vilifies LGBTIQ+ community in public speech

The President of Turkey has leapt to the defence of the head of the nation’s Red Crescent (Red Cross) organisation, doubling down on homophobic comments in a public speech.

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has shown his support for Turkish Red Crescent leader Kerem Kinik, who launched a public tirade against LGBTIQ+ communities and Pride Month on Twitter.

“We will protect nature and the mental health of our children,” Dr Kinik wrote.

“We’ll fight against those who violate healthy creation, who make abnormal look normal by using their power of communication, and impose their paedophiliac dreams cloaked as modernity on young minds.”

President Erdoğan shared Kinik’s sentiments in a public statement after a cabinet meeting to discuss Kinik’s comments, claiming LGBTIQ+ people were attempting to “poison young people.”

“I invite all members of my nation to be careful and take a stand against those who exhibit all kinds of heresy that our Lord has forbidden, and those who support them,” Erdoğan said.

“Our nation has the power to fight attacks targeting its national and spiritual structure.”

The International Federation of Red Cross Societies, which oversees the Turkish Red Crescent, have condemned Dr Kinik’s comments publicly. Dr Kinik currently serves as the vice-president of the IFRC.

“The views expressed by Dr Kerem Kinik do not represent the views of the IFRC. These words are both wrong and offend us all,” the IFRC posted to Twitter.

“We condemn homophobia and hate speech of all kinds and we stand in solidarity with LGBTQI+ communities around the world.”

“The IFRC has a clear Code of Conduct which forbids any form of homophobia, hate speech or prejudice and all staff and representatives are bound by that code, including the vice-president.”

“We are assessing our next course of action.”

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