Turnbull says ‘Yes’ victory is an affirmation for same sex couples

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has reacted to the ‘Yes’ victory of the Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey.

Speaking on mix94.5 this morning, the PM was questioned about the extraordinary postal poll on the issue of marriage equality.

“Democracy has a cost, and what an amazing affirmation,” the Prime Minister told hosts Clairsy, Matt & Kymba.

“For same-sex couples who have felt they have not been respected, to have an affirmation not just from Parliament but from their fellow Australians and in such huge numbers, this is an enormous exercise in respect, in love, in commitment.”

PM Turnbull noted the “remarkable” high turnout with almost 80% of Australians giving their opinion on changes to the Marriage Act.

“This is Australians standing up for a fair-go. It is very Australian,” Turnbull said, “This shows you Australians really wanted to have their say.”

“This is a great day for democracy and respecting the will of the people, and what they’ve said it, ‘Get on with it and get it done!'”

Senator Dean Smith’s standing marriage bill, which has cross-party support, was given its second reading in the Senate today and the Prime Minister says he is eager for it to move ahead.

“I’m very confident it will get done before Christmas.”

OIP Staff

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