UK trans woman sentenced to serve time in male prison


26-year-old transgender woman Tara Hudson has been sentenced to serve 12 weeks in an all-male prison after admitting to an assault.

Ms Hudson, who has been living as a woman for over 5 years, was denied the right to enter a female prison, as she does not hold a UK Gender Recognition Certificate.

The documentation, which marks a formal change of legally recognised gender, can be costly and difficult to obtain. Many are concerned for Hudson’s safety at Bristol Prison, her mother in particular fears Tara’s life may be in danger.

Since yesterday, a petition to support Ms Hudson has accumulated almost 70,000 signatures – prompting action from her local MP Ben Howlett, spoke of Ms Hudson’s case before the UK Parliament’s Women and Equalities Select Committee.

Officials have now granted Ms Hudson leave to appeal against the sentence itself. Hudson’s mother says she hopes for is a non-custodial sentence, such as a mandatory ankle monitor.

“I just want to get my daughter into a safe, female environment where she belongs and will continue to fight the decision.”

OIP Staff

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