US man banned from singing at grandmother’s funeral for attending Pride


A man in Indiana has been barred from singing at his own grandmother’s funeral after the family church’s pastor saw an image of the man taking part in LGBT pride celebrations.

Connor Hakes received a letter from Father Bob Lengerich informing him that he would not be welcome to serve at the parish, including at his grandmother’s funeral,┬áto avoid scandalising the congregation and neighbours.

“The Catholic Church forbids those who openly defy tenants of our faith to serve in these positions,” the letter reads.

“This includes people who have been divorced and remarried (without the benefit of a declaration of annulity), have openly supported abortion rights and are openly participating in unchaste same-sex relationships.”

Hakes shared an image of the letter on his Facebook page, denouncing Fr Lengerich’s position. Hakes wrote that his grandparents would be disappointed by the pastor’s lack of compassion.

“Both my Grandma and Grandpa would be disgusted by their parish. Their compassion and empathy was abundant, no matter who you were,” he wrote alongside the image of the letter.

“They saw beyond race, religion, sexuality, and social class. They loved everyone. That is what is means to be a Christian. That is what it means to be Catholic.”

OIP Staff


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