US politicians to meet with Grindr over meth concerns


The Mayor and Councillors of West Hollywood are hoping meet up with representatives from social media app Grindr to discuss the prevalence of drug dealing occurring on the app.

The politicians have reached out to the company, which is based in West Hollywood, after several media reports highlighted that the popular dating site is also openly being used by drug dealers.

Local publication WEHOville has highlighted reports from around the globe, including our report in OUTinPerth, that tracked the high level of methamphetamine being offered for sale via profiles on the app.

While other social media apps like SCRUFF actively take down profiles that appear to be selling illegal drugs Grindr by comparison seems to be ignoring the issue. Journalists who approach the company about the issue usually receive no response to their inquiries.

Now West Hollywood’s Mayor Lauren Meister has said that she and City Manager Paul Arevalo would meet with Grindr CEO Joel Simkhai to discuss the issue. Several other members of West Hollywood’s council have indicated that they will also reach out to Simkhai.

OIP Staff


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