US Student Charged for Same-Sex Relationship


A teenager in the US has faced criminal charges as well as expulsion from her school following what is alleged to be a consented same-sex relationship between the teen and a fellow student.

Kaitlyn Hunt was 17 when she entered into a relationship with a 15 year old member of her basketball team, Hunt was shortly removed from the team for allegedly causing ‘drama’, explains Hunts father.

The parents of Hunt’s girlfriend went on to press charges, the teen was arrested for two counts of battery on a child aged 12-16 years following a phone conversation recorded between the couple by police.

Hunts parents spoke out to about the case:

“[The parents] are out to destroy my daughter, because they feel like she ‘made’ their daughter gay”, said Hunts’ mother.

“They see being gay as wrong and they blame my daughter. Of course, I see it 100 percent differently. I don’t see or label these girls as gay.

“They are teenagers in high school experimenting with their sexuality – with mutual consent.

“And even if their daughter is gay, who cares? She is still their daughter.”

Hunt has been offered a plea deal of a year probation following two years house arrest.

Despite allegations that the teen’s sexuality plays a part in the convictions, the parents prosecuting insist that the law in their state would be the same for heterosexual couples.

Hunts family insist that her girlfriend consented in their relationship.

 Nadine Walker

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