WA film ‘Greenfield’ explores masculinity and homophobia in rural towns

A new West Aussie film exploring masculinity in crisis and homophobia is hosting special pre-release screenings this weekend.

Greenfield centres on isolation, rejection and homophobia in rural Australian communities, filmed in the central Wheatbelt town of Merredin.

Protagonist James returns to Greenfield to win back his former girlfriend Kelly, but things go awry when her brother Michael confides a secret to James which sends ripples throughout the town.

Starring WA’s own Liam Graham and Cloudstreet‘s Ethan Tomas, the film began as a web series, now restructured as a full feature film that maximises its message.

Greenfield was scheduled to be screened this weekend. The screenings have been cancelled due to the COVID-19 lockdown in Perth. Stay tuned for upcoming screenings. 

OIP Staff

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