WASO digital concert series Ensemble Editions coming to Fridays

The West Australian Symphony Orchestra have announced a new digital concert series coming to our living rooms each Friday.

The Ensemble Editions marks WASO’s return to the main stage, bringing together some of the most exquisite music written for chamber ensembles.

Musicians of WASO will take on the works of composers from Debussy to Dvorak, Haydn to Hans Richter.

The first Ensemble Edition will feature Hans Richter and Mendelssohn, with Richter’s homage to Wagner’s grand operas,¬†Wagneriana, played by WASO’s horns, and Mendelssohn’s soaring¬†Octet by WASO’s strings.

The Ensemble Editions debuts this Friday 5th June at 7:30pm. For more information, head to WASO.com.au

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