What Will You Find in a Lesbian’s Car?

Ebony Drane CarIf you could judge someone by the contents of their car, what would we think of the Perth lesbian community?

Ebony Drane is a local girl that has a pretty awesome set of wheels, a Jeep Patriot, to be exact. She explained to us what you can find out about her from her car. Whether this makes Ebony a stereotypical Perth lesbian, you decide for yourself.

  1. Lynx-because it smells better then hello kitty
  2. Navman- because I’m constantly getting lost
  3. Smokes – because I’m constantly getting lost
  4. My high vis jacket – because 90% of the lesbian population are tradies
  5. My dog Zeph – always riding shotgun!

What also makes the cut for Ebony’s car? Lottery tickets, a spare Casio watch, ID and Hula Girl Cigars. Interesting.

Nadine Walker

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