What’s happening with Miranda Hobbs on ‘And Just Like That’?

We’re five episodes into the Sex and the City reboot And Just Like That, and life has certainly changed for Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha.

So if you haven’t watched the latest episode of the series, and don’t want plot information in advance of watching it, stop reading now, because there are major spoilers ahead.  

And Just Like That catches up with the characters from the popular Sex and the City series and films a decade after we last saw them on screen, and there have been some big changes in each of the characters lives, and for the women, now in their fifties, more big changes are happening too.

Carrie has had the biggest blow, after finally finding happiness with her often toxic boyfriend Mr Big, he had a big heart attack and was written out of the show. It’s a great move from the writers, because presumably it’ll return the character to her dating adventures in a new decade. The big question is, just how many episodes after the tragic death of your husband can you download Tindr?

Charlotte is adapting to being the mother of a genderfluid child, and this week she and Harry discovered that their second child is now know as Rock, an important plot point they missed by not spending enough time on TikTok and failing to understand communication via memes and rap lyrics.

Samantha is adapting to being just a series of SMS messages, and having less screen time than Charlie had with his angels. At least John Forsythe got a nicely framed picture by the phone.

Then we come to Miranda, so far there’s been hints that she’s developed an alcohol dependency and has a sizzling attraction to Carrie’s boss – non-binary comedian and podcaster Che. This week both storylines went into overdrive.

Opening up a series of packages from Amazon Miranda is shocked to discover that son Brady is ordering flavoured lube online, and that someone has ordered her a book about dealing with a drinking problem – she suspects it’s Charlotte.

While Carrie heads into hospital to have her hip realigned, Miranda volunteers to divert Che when Carrie declares she’s not yet up to having visitors. They enjoy chit chat over some corn chips. Later when Che drops around the Carrie’s apartment only to discover Carrie’s taking a Nana Nap, they do shots, and then make out in the kitchen.

And just like that, Miranda is ready to explore her sexuality and there are so many questions, what will Steve think, will she start having more sex than Brady, whatever happened to Syd the lesbian from her law firm back in Season 1, did Charlotte keep the contact details of all the power lesbians?

Also if I’m ever stuck in a bed after having surgery desperately to go to the bathroom, and my mates abandon me to make out in the kitchen, trust me, I’ll interrupt.

Later on Miranda also realises she ordered the book on alcoholism all by herself, she was drunk shopping. Is drunk shopping a thing? My friends just sent me SMS messages that make no sense.

To be honest, it would have been a bolder move if the writers had given any other character on the series a same-sex experience. Since the original series wrapped actor Cynthia Nixon has come out as bisexual and been an advocate for LGBTIQA+ rights. Why not be bold and make Charlotte or Carrie go off on the sexual exploration?

Also if anyone can decipher what this means…

“why rehe so many woman…omg she just showed me…Here XML….cult….😮….ing….heyvah….IRS a stripe uv w giorms…you don’t understand o saw the clutter.”

Graeme Watson 

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