Worth a Read: check out these stories from around the web

The OUTinPerth team spend all day surfing the web looking for the latest news and stories to share. Here’s three recent stories from other outlets that are definitely worth a read.

LGBT Chinese Australians face stigma and disbelief as they search for family acceptance

This report from the ABC looks at the challenges faced by Chinese Australians who come out to their parents as LGBT+. They speak to a series of people who have had different experiences when sharing information about their sexuality with their families.

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True colours: the dating app giving gay men in China a new sense of freedom

A new dating app is giving gay men in China a new way to connect as the state brings in stricter rules on online content. Phone app Blued has been allowed to grow as it provides vital health information to the world most populous country.

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Curtin University transgender students threatened by vandalism campaign on ‘all gender’ toilets

The West Australian has revealed that new all gender toilets at Curtin University, and poster that promote their existence have been vandalized. Transgender and non-binary students have shared that they vandalism has made them afraid of using the facilities. The university is investigating the incidents and the student guild has voiced their commitment to making the campus welcoming to people of diverse gender.

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