Zak Kirkup acknowledges Liberals have no chance of winning election

Politicians aren’t known for honesty and straight talking, but WA Liberal leader Zak Kirkup has given a spin-free assessment of the upcoming WA election admitting there’s no chance his party can win government in the March poll.

In an unprecedented move the Liberal leader has all but conceded just days after the polls opened for pre-polling votes. Speaking to The West Australian Kirkup said it was clear now was not his or his party’s time.

It’s still 16 days until most people will cast their votes, but with a series of polls showing the MacGowan government is likely to have a landslide victory. the Liberal campaign has shifted gears and is now focusing on saving as many seats as possible.

In a series of early morning tweets Kirkup repeated his statements admitting defeat was all but guaranteed.

“As I get around the state, many West Aussies are telling me Mark McGowan’s job is safe.   We have to acknowledge that, because I don’t want to treat people like mugs. I’m not going to stop fighting, but I’m not going to pretend and make this election about something it’s not.”

Kirkup urged voters to consider which candidate would be the best for their local community, and shared his concern that a parliament with a significantly reduced opposition would struggle to hold the government accountable.

While both leaders have dismissed polls showing a landslide victory for the Labor party, some political analysts have suggested the Liberal party could be left with just two seats in the lower house after the election.

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