Fatal shooting in New York gay bar a “random act”


A queer nightclub in Albany, New York has been shaken by a gun attack which has killed one man and another three people injured.

Police have reported that four people were shot at Rocks in Albany. One man has died in hospital as a result of the gunshots, though the other three wounded are expected to survive.

Spokesperson Steve Smith of the Albany Police Department told media that the shootings appeared to be random, and were not targeting the LGBTIQ community.

“The one thing we want to let members of our community know, especially the members of our LGBT community know that this is a random act, this bar was not targeted for any specific reason,” Smith said.

Bar owner Peter Hitchcock says he was made aware of the incident after receiving a call from his distraught bar manager.

“I was in shock when I walked in. By the time I arrived, everything pretty much cleared out. There was a paramedic helping a lady with a wound to her leg,” Hitchcock said.

Hitchcock echoed the police’s stance that the attack was not aimed at the LGBT community.

“It wasn’t an attack on the gay community at all. It was a private party being held. It had nothing to do with the LGBT community.”

WTEN-TV news have reported the police have taken one person into custody over the attack.

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