A Letter to Craig David

Craig DavidDear Craig David,

Since 1999, when I was ten (and would have first wanted to write to you). you have been around.

For years you gave me songs to dance and sing to, a want to have a spa in my house and a healthy appreciation for segregating different tasks to different days.

Sadly, year after year, you became a less frequent addition to my mp3 player playlists.

You stopped coming up on my Myspace and I have to tell you, I wasn’t that sad.

Suddenly, I was hitting clubs and you were there, surrounded by the Spice Girls and Dexy’s Midnight Runners, and we loved you. My friends and I had drunken dance routines and if you arrived, we would scramble around to find the perfect place on the dance floor to show praise to you.

As the years went by, you stopped being around again. I don’t know why, but you did. You stopped being in the forefront of my mind. Now, please know, we weren’t walking away. I mean, you were the Booty Man, you had it going on.

Then suddenly you were here again. Like, actually here. Playing at Metros. All we knew was that everyone’s feeling right, coz we knew it was party night.

I need you to know, you killed. You nailed every song, every freestyle, and your song list was epic. You dropped ‘Pony’, it was pretty much the most ‘00’s gig I’ve ever been to. There wasn’t one person in the venue that wasn’t shaking it, grinding it, and loving it. And you topped it off with an amazing light show.

In all seriousness, I’d forgot how brilliant your voice was. You hit every note and made everyone feel like you were singing to them. You bought everyone together and your flow was so on point. I never thought I’d get to do my dance routine to ‘7 Days’ when you were there; I didn’t think I’d get to sing-along, with you, to ‘Walking Away’, ‘Fill Me In’, to any of your awesome, awesome tunes with you in the room.

The combination of DJing and singing was great. It made the show diverse and interactive and really engaging. I could wait to hear what you dropped next, and every tunes really was a banger.

Thank you for this gig Craig, you’ve shown me and hundreds of other people that artists from the early 2000’s can kill it, and they will kill it.

Just one last thing.

I need you to know,

Since you, met this special guy
I can’t get you of my mind
You’re one of a kind
And I ain’t about to deny it
It’s a special kinda thing
with you-oh…….



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