ABBA share a snippet of upcoming release ‘Just a Notion’


ABBA are getting ready to share another track form their upcoming album Voyage, this Friday they will release Just a Notion.

The song was originally recorded back in 1978 when the band were working on their Voulez Vous album but it was not completed when the band felt it didn’t fit into the overall feel of the disco charged record.

Now the band have reunited after almost four decades apart, and have put the finishing touches on the track so it can be included on their new record.  They’ve shared a snippet of the song on social media platform TikTok.

A tiny portion of the song was included on the band’s Box Set release a few years ago, and tribute band Arrival have previously released a full version of the tune. The song is reminiscent of the band’s mid-70’s output.

@abba It’s happening… ‘Just A Notion’ #ABBA #dancingwithABBA #JustANotion ♬ Just A Notion – ABBA

The lyrics include references to “dancing through the night” and the band is encouraging fans on TikTok to post videos of themselves dancing throughout the night.

During a recent online Q&A session Bjorn Ulveaus saud the band were overjoyed their music was finding a new generation of fans on the social media platform.

“It’s so heartwarming to think about all the kids out there having fun and dancing to our music!” Bjorn said.

The band surprised fans with the announcement of a whole new album of material back in September. The new album is scheduled for release on 5th November.

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