ACL welcome Dutton’s promise to “fight radical gender theory”

The Australian Christian Lobby has welcomed Liberal leader Peter Dutton’s promise to reform Australia’s education system and remove “radical gender theory” from schools.

The Opposition leader made the comment during his Budget Reply speech late last month. Speaking about Australia’s education system the Leader of the Opposition said there was too much ideological content.

“In our school curriculum, it’s important to include studies of the environment and other social policies.

“But the system has allowed ideologically driven advocates too much influence over what is taught to our children.

“Teaching a sanitised and selective version of history and the arts—and radical gender theory—is not in our children’s best interests.” Dutton said.

The Liberal leader said schools needed to put more focus on basic skills such as reading, writing and mathematics. Dutton said schools needed to be places where students learn “respect, discipline, and ‘how to think’ not ‘what to think'”.

The reference to “radical gender theory” has excited the Australian Christian Lobby who email followers asking them to contact the Opposition leader and thank him for undertaking his new quest.

Anti-transgender organisation Binary has also welcomed the comment, saying it’s proof that their message is being heard.

“It’s just one line but it shows we’re being heard. And to put it in such a prominent speech – the budget in reply – shows that protecting kids from this gender insanity must be central to the debate over education.” the group said on their website.

OIP Staff

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