Australian Christian Lobby’s new Folau fundraiser passes $1 million

The Australian Christian Lobby’s new campaign to support former Wallaby Israel Folau has passed the $1 million mark, less than 24 hours after the original campaign was taken down.

GoFundMe deleted a campaign set up by Folau yesterday, through which he was seeking $3 million to go towards legal fees as he prepares for a legal battle with Rugby Australia after his contract was terminated in response to an anti-LGBTI+ social media post.

The Australian Christian Lobby re-launched the campaign under their banner, raising over $1million in less than a day, including a $100,000 from the ACL themselves.

The Australian Christian Lobby describes itself as a grassroots movement made up of over 135,000 individuals who seeking to bring a Christian influence to politics. The majority of the organisation’s output in recent years has focused on opposing LGBTI rights.

“There is an outpouring of support for Israel Folau from the Australian community, who see Israel’s case as their case. They feel the pinch of political correctness, and the erosion of their basic freedoms,”  Iles said announcing the new scheme.

“The success of the Folau fundraiser was giving ‘quiet Australians’ a voice,” Iles said echoing the phrase used by Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

“By launching an alternative fundraising site to GoFundMe today, we are ensuring that the voice of quiet Australians continues to be heard, and Israel Folau continues to know that he is not alone,” Iles said.

OIP Staff