Actor Ansel Pierce makes a big impression in ‘Euphoria’

Actor Ansel Pierce appears in just one scene in the first episode of the new season of Euphoriabut it’s the scene that everyone who watches the show is talking about.

The show which follows teenagers experiences with identity, trauma, drugs, friendships, love and sex has been praised for it’s bold story telling, tight soundtrack and amazing performances. If you haven;t watched the first episode of the new season – there are spoilers ahead.

In the Season 2 opener the main characters of the series find themselves gathering for a New Year’s party. Zendaya’s character Rue has fallen off the wagon and just tagged along to a drug deal with supplier Fez.

Cassie (Sydney Sweeney) is the bathroom hooking up with Nate (Jacob Elordi), when Nate’s girlfriend Maddy knocks on the bathroom door desperate to use the bathroom, Cassie hides in the bathtub.

She’s then stuck in the bathtub while Nate and Maddy chat, and then remains while Maddy uses the toilet, before she can leave Maddy returns with another guy. When they discover that there’s a girl in the bathtub she fakes being unconscious.

Finally just as she thinks she can escape a good looking blonde guy comes in an sits on the toilet giving her (and the audience) full view of everything.

Actor Ansel Pierce took to his TikTok account to answer viewers questions about the scene, proudly declaring that there were no prosthetics used.

Pierce said he was “laughing his ass off” at all the reactions the scene was generating.

@ansel.pierce yeah that was me in euphoria. you guys are killing me ☠️☠️☠️ #euphoria #fyp #bathroomguy ♬ original sound – anselpierce

He also posted a second TikTok where he acted out what it was like telling his family the details of his break on television.

Take a look at the trailer for the second season, and head to Foxtel each Monday for new episodes.

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