Adam Hills Vs. the WBC: The Plot Thickens

Westboro Adam Hills 2

Australian comedian Adam Hills gave the Westboro Baptist Church a challenge in a cutting monologue delivered on his show ‘The Last Leg’.

The Westboro Baptist Church are known for their slogan ‘God Hates Fags’ and first gained notoriety for picketing the funeral of hate crime victim Matthew Shepard, and have gone on to protest the funerals of US soldiers, shooting victims, celebrities such as Heath Ledger and Corey Monteith, as well as the concerts of popular artists, most recently Panic! At the Disco and Lorde.

Hills declared ‘I don’t think this is okay’ in regards to the group planning to picket the funeral of comic legend Robin Williams, before listing his reasons and challenging them to protest the beheading of Christians in Iraq by the terror group ISIS, an issue which, he argued, posed more of a threat to the Christian way of life than Robin Williams ever did. He even went to far to offer to pay the group’s airfares himself:

In a surprising twist, the Westboro Baptist Church appear to have taken Hills up on his offer, tweeting the following:


Adam Hills responded on ‘The Last Leg’ last night. Will the Westboro Baptist Church be heading to Iraq after all? Watch the clip below and find out!

Sophie Joske

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