Adam Noviello has launched their debut EP ‘Tears, Drugs & Voicemails’

Adam Noviello
Actor and singer Adam Noviello has launched their debut EP Tears, Drugs & Voicemails.

The EP is described an exploration of gender, sex, love and loss, featuring a vocal cameo from Adam’s Grandmother, Judy.

Adam notes that their lyric writing can tend to sound like drunk voicemails, which was the inspiration for the EP title.

“Writing music has always been a wonderful creative outlet for me. Over the years my desire to make and release my own songs has been a dream.

“When the pandemic shut down the theatre industry in 2020, I lost multiple jobs. I decided now more than ever, that it was time for me to channel all my creative fire into my own music.”

Noviello is best known for their work on stage, including playing Hannah From Hamburg in La Cage Aux Folles, appearing in Funny Girl, Matilda The Musical, Charlie & The Chocolate Factory, Chess The Musical, playing Farrah and Young Bernadette in the 10th Anniversary Australian Tour of Priscilla: Queen of the Desert, and most recently as the title role in The Who’s rock opera Tommy.

Alongside the release Noviello has posed for some stunning images.

Adam Noviello

“For as long as I can remember I have experimented with my gender expression through fashion and my work. As a child who played in their mother’s high heels I have always felt a sense of curiosity towards what we choose to wear and what that says about us.

“I never understood how the way fabric is cut and sewn together, and how high the heels of your shoes are determines your gender identity. Through years of exploration, which I was predominantly able to do on theatre opening night red carpets, I was able to discover my
non-binary identity.

“This helped me to love this body of mine. What I have achieved with this body inspires me to use it as a way of expressing my consciousness, my sexuality, my vulnerability and my confidence. If that then inspires others to go on their own journey of self discovery and reflection, I will have achieved the ultimate goal for myself as an artist” Noviello said.

Adam Noviello

While their two worlds of theatre and music are quite separate, they draw immense inspiration from the theatre world into the music they write.

“I think there is an innate theatricality to how I sing and the songs I write that feels very authentic to me. It is my dream to marry all facets of my creative life together, which I feel is very present in this collection of songs.”

The EP Tears, Drugs & Voicemails is available now. 

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