Advocates welcome Lib MP support for free vote on marriage equality

Marriage equality activists have welcomed support from Liberal MP Trent Zimmerman for a free vote on marriage equality, warning the Government they will be “held to account” if there is no progress before the next federal election.

Mr Zimmerman, an openly gay government MP, has reaffirmed his previously stated support for a free vote in light of the news that veteran marriage equality advocate Peter “Bon” Bonsall-Boone passed away, leaving behind his partner of over 50 years, Peter de Waal.

“I welcome Trent Zimmerman’s re-affirmation of his support for a free vote very soon, and urge his colleagues who also support marriage equality to follow suit,” just.equal spokesperson Rodney Croome said.

“Liberals who support marriage equality should repudiate a plebiscite, call for a free vote now, and actively work to make it a reality.”

Mr Croome said that those members of the government who support marriage equality but are not pushing for action will be responsible for further delays on marriage equality.

“All those Liberals who support marriage equality will be held to account at the next election if marriage equality does not pass in this term of government,” Mr Croome continued.

“Time has run out for Peter and Bon and it is rapidly running out for Liberals who support marriage equality.”

Bonsall-Boone was one of the “78ers” who marched in Australia’s first Pride protest which would come to be known as the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras. The long-time activist had earlier this month pleaded with the Prime Minister to allow him to marry his partner, sadly losing his battle with cancer just days later.

OIP Staff

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