All Our Exes Live In Texas hit Perth and Fremantle

EXESSydney indie-rockers All Our Exes Live In Texas are hitting Fremantle and Perth tonight and tomorrow with their unique brand of contemporary music. Guy Gomeze caught up with Katie Wighton to find out what audiences can expect from a performance of Exes.

You all have a background in jazz, singing and piano, what was it like learning to play new instruments? You all have mastered your new crafts extraordinarily well.

Thank you! I don’t know that any of us would say we have mastered our crafts in any way but it’s very kind of you to say…! The first gig we ever did on our new instruments was actually terrifying. We’ve played a lot of shows since then so I guess we’ve gotten used to the terror…!?

Has each member learnt to play a variety of instruments since forming, and do band members swap musical instruments on different songs?

We don’t swap instruments on stage yet – we are still sort of getting used to our current ones! But maybe one day we will individually be one woman bands…

How was it to play support for the Backstreet Boys, did anyone fall in love?

I think we were already in love with them, to be honest… Supporting them was both amazing and scary as hell. Our first gig was at the Rod Laver ARENA. Our little folk band in an actual arena! But the Backstreet Boys themselves were such legends and made us feel so welcome on their tour – they are really lovely people! And quite incredible on stage. They dance for almost 3 hours and do pre-show and post-show stuff for their fans. They are machines!

Are you tempted to do a Backstreet Boys cover, maybe an indie-folk-pop-rock version of I Want It That Way?

In the past we have done a little snippet of Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely in the middle of Hotel Yorba (which is another cover actually!) but it got a bit too stressful – particularly doing in front of the Backstreet Boys themselves…

Is this the first time in Perth as a group? Do you know much about the past or present music scene here?

We have been here a few times now! Which is cool. Hannah and George went to WAAPA as well so we have quite a few mates here which is great. I think it’s pretty happening music scene from what some of our friends have said too. We know loads of musicians who are doing well over here which is awesome.

What can Perth and Fremantle audiences expect from your shows over the coming weeks?

Well we are a pretty chatty band so expect for us to do quite a lot of banter on stage. Sometimes it’s great and sometimes it’s super weird. Mostly it’s weird if I’m honest but I think that might make people feel like their weirdness is ok.

 Your debut album, When We Fall, is due for release in early 2017. Are you working on it while you are touring?

We have actually finished recording our album now which is so so cool! We’ve only just signed with ABC so they are just putting some final touches on it before it gets out into the world. We can’t wait!

Can you give any hint of what people might expect from this eagerly anticipated release?

Well it’s pretty exciting because it’s totally different to our live show – we have strings and bass and drums and all sorts of fun things! We worked with the best musicians as well – we are very lucky in that way!

Will the band be playing any songs or works in progress tracks from the forthcoming album at the shows in Perth and Fremantle?

We will be! So far we’ve mostly been playing the album on this tour with a few oldies in there for good measure.

Your Tell Me film clip is a hilarious and was listed in the top 10 film clips of 2014 by Double J, did the band have much input into the direction and look of the clip?

Well thank you! We actually had a lot of input into that one! We actually have a soccer team called Such Good Friends so it isn’t entirely inaccurate. And one of my ex-boyfriends really did write a list of pros and cons about me and leave it on the coffee table. So it’s vaguely auto-biographical. That being said we don’t normally win at soccer so that bit is a little untrue…

How are sales going for All Our Exes Live on Teaspoons? An example of high-quality merchandise, they will become collector’s items for sure. Who’s idea was this stroke of genius and will any be available at the shows?

(laughs) That is great stuff. I am pretty sure that was Georgia. She has a penchant for anything your Nana might like – crocheting, cross-stitching, collectible teaspoons and snow globes. They are absolutely available at shows and online in fact!

All Our Exes Live In Texas are at The Odd Fellow in Fremantle tonight, and at Jimmy’s Den in Perth on Friday 21st October. Tickets available from Oztix.

The band will also be performing a free show at Dirk Hartog Voyage of Discovery in Shark Bay on Saturday 22nd October.

Guy Gomeze

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