‘All Things Queer’ celebrates International Lesbian Day on RTRFM

October 8th is International Lesbian Day, a day to celebrate lesbian culture, promote lesbian visibility and show solidary with everyone who identifies with the L in LGBTQIA+.

Yesterday, the team at RTRFM’s All Things Queer program celebrated early, with hosts Bella Broadway and our co-editor Leigh Andrew Hill.

As Bella said on the program, we’re not exactly sure then the celebration began, but we are almost certain it was started in Australia or New Zealand.

The first International Lesbian Day to be recognised in Australia was in 1990, with an event at the Collingwood Town Hall in Melbourne on October 13.

Celebrations were then held in Melbourne on or around October 8 for another several years to promote lesbian visibility, discussion and entertainment, and to make a strong show of lesbian solidarity.

The team marked the occasion with a selection of music from lesbian artists, and discussions with Van Dykes founder Leonie Dickinson and beloved local arts queen Lexie McGee / Ginger LaMinge.

You can restream the full episode here.

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