Andrew Rannells shares how he fell in love with co-star Tuc Watkins

Andrew Rannells, best known for his role as Elijah on the TV show Girls, has spoken about how he fell in love with co-star Tuc Watkins while they were performing in the Broadway production of Boys in the Band. 

Appearing on Drew Barrymore’s new daytime talk show, Rannells described the start of the couple’s relationships as a “showmance”.

“I felt like such a lazy actor that I fell in love with my co-star. I was like, ‘this is so clichéd.'” Rannells told Barrymore. Describing Watkins as very handsome, Rannels said he had found it strange to be falling for a fellow actor.

“The first time we kissed, it was for work.” Rannell said it was a strange day in the workplace. Barrymore admitted that she too had at times got excited about the prospect of kissing co-stars while filming many of her films.

Rannells spoke about his long road to success, something he shared in a memoir he released last year. He moved to New York to break into show business when he was 19 years old, and finally got his big break 12 years later when he was cast as the first actor to portray Elder Price in The Book of Mormon. The role earned him a Tony Award for best male lead in a musical, and opened the door to more opportunities on stage and screen.

Check out the clip of the interview

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