Associate Professor Ashleigh Lin to deliver the 2021 Robin Winkler Lecture

Ashleigh Lin

Associate Professor Ashleigh Lin will deliver the 2021 Robin Winkler Lecture at the University of Western Australia’s Institute of Advanced Studies.

The annual public lecture commemorates the work of Robin Winkler, a highly influential teacher and researcher at the UWA School of Psychological Science, whose work was guided by humanitarian values and a relentless questioning of accepted orthodoxies.

Associate Professor Ashleigh Lin is a NHMRC Career Development Fellow and Program Head of Mental Health and Youth at the Telethon Kids Institute in Perth. She is also Co-Director of [email protected] Kids, WA’s first research centre for the mental health of children and young people from birth to age 25.

Ashleigh’s research is focused on the mental health of young people, with particular interest in marginalised populations. In 2017 the Telethon Kids Institute published a landmark study that looked into the lives of transgender youth.

In the upcoming lecture Ashleigh will describe a program of research aimed at understanding the mental health of LGBTQA+ youth, and how we can improve it by developing interventions at the levels of the individual, the family, the mental health sector and society more broadly.

You can book a seat at the lecture via the University of Western Australia.

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