Aussie musician G Flip shares that they are non-binary

G Flip

Musician G Flip have announced that they identify as non-binary. The Aussie musician Georgia Flipo made the announcement on their Instagram channel last week.

G Flip said from here on in they would be using they/them pronouns.

The musician put out their debut album About Us in 2019, and has been a staple of youth station Triple J. They also had a memorable performance of the track Queen at this year’s Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras celebrations.

Their most recent release is Not Even in Vegasa collaboration with Thomas Headon.

“I’m still the exact same person, non-binary is just the best way to explain who I am and how I’ve always felt, like a gender smoothie….” G Flip said, before giving a shout out to their favourite football team.


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Did you see G Flip sat Mardi Gras? Check it out. 

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