Author Douglas Murray to tour Australia alongside Josh Szeps

Author Douglas Murray will be touring Australia in 2024 as Sydney based broadcaster Josh Szeps takes his Difficult Conversations podcast brand on the road.

Murray is the an author of several books and a regular commentator on conservative media outlets including Australia’s Sky News. The tour will start in Perth on March 18 before heading to Adelaide, Sydney and Melbourne.

Murray’s books include The War on the West, (2022), The Madness of Crowds: Gender, Race and Identity (2019) and The Strange Death of Europe: Immigration, Identity and Islam (2017).

He has been an Associate Editor at The Spectator magazine since 2012 and has written regularly there, as well as for other publications including The Wall Street Journal, The Times, Britain’s The Sunday Times, The Sun, The Mail on Sunday, The Telegraph and The New York Post.

Murray is gay, but often questions the issues raised by the LGBTIQA+ communities and is staunchly opposed to ‘identity politics’. On the tour he’ll be in conversation with Josh Szeps.

Szep’s announced on air recently that he was quitting his job at ABC Radio in Sydney so he could focus more time on his podcast series.

“I’m a misfit. I’m a child of refugees, but I’m a white Australian. I’m a gay guy, but I hate Mardi Gras. I have holocaust surviving grandparents but I’m conflicted about Zionism. I’m an ABC presenter but I don’t like kale.” Szeps told listeners as he announced his departure from the broadcaster.

“I am a riddle wrapped in a bloody enigma. If you think that being a team player is the highest virtue, good for you. But don’t pretend to be a journalist. Journalism needs more contrarians, not fewer. More risk takers, not fewer.”

The broadcaster told listeners he’d been launching a new YouTube project in the new year, and would have more time for his successful podcast.

Uncomfortable Conversations Live will be at The Astor Theatre on Tuesday 19th of March, and then head to Adelaide’s Norwood Concert Hall on 21st March. The duo will be in Sydney at the Enmore Theatre on Sunday 24th March and then host a final show at Melbourne’s Athenaeum Theatre on Tuesday 26th of March.

Graeme Watson 

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