Bernie Dieter’s Little Death Club is one hell of a party

Everyone’s talking about Little Death Club. A favourite of Perth Fringe World audiences, Bernie Dieter’s Weimar kabarett spectacular returns after stunning crowds around the globe.

Hilarious, dark and debauched, the dangerously funny cabaret circus sideshow pays tribute to the traditions of cabaret and club culture.

We caught up with hostess and star Bernie Dieter to find out exactly what the buzz is all about.

How did you find your love for the world of Weimar kabarett?

I was always an attention seeker from a young age, singing and telling naughty jokes – kabarett was a natural progression.

When I was 16 I lived in Berlin for some time above a drag club – the queens fascinated me. They created a world where all different types of people felt the could come and make friends and be themselves, as soon as I saw my first spiegeltent show I knew that’s what I wanted to do too.

Hundreds of shows are listed under the cabaret genre at Fringe World – but they are all very different shows – in your view what makes cabaret, cabaret?

For me cabaret is a conversation. It’s not like a theatre piece, where the audience can sit back and watch as if they are watching Netflix.

It’s interactive, engaging, it pushes people’s boundaries, it challenges people whilst making them laugh, it’s one hell of a night out but it’s always a conversation.

In a world of near-infinite entertainment options – why do you think cabaret persists as a beloved art form?

People are longing for that connection. With so much social media and so many streaming services we are losing the ability to find each other, to meet new humans, to laugh and be moved at all the things we have in common.

I think with all the scary shit going on in the world right now that connection is more important than ever.

For the uninitiated, what is Little Death Club?

It is the funniest, filthiest most debauched kabarett club in town darling. Hosted by myself (your mistress of mayhem), featuring all my beautiful family of misfits- hair hanging show woman Fancy Chance, Fiery goddess Jacqueline Fuery, gender bending acrobat Michael Standen and Australia’s own drag superstar Art Simone.

It also features an original soundtrack played live by my glorious Weimar-punk jazz band ‘the Vier’. It’s one hell of a party.

Little Death Club’s lineup is ever-changing – what do you look for when putting the show together?

I am lucky enough to know some of the most talented punks, freaks and weirdos in the world (I meet them at festivals, in dive bars, in cabaret clubs or back alleys) I decide on the line up together with our Creative Producer Tom from Dead Man Label.

When we see someone with talent and passion, someone that makes us laugh and someone that has the ability to subvert and do something different that is what we really love.

What do you hope audiences take away from Little Death Club?

I hope they take away some great memories of laughing with their friends, maybe making some new ones, and most importantly that we are all weird and wonderful little humans in our own way so let’s celebrate our differences rather than fear them.

Little Death Club is running until Sunday 16th February at Fringe World. Fri 14th & Sat 15th are now sold out – for remaining dates, head to

Leigh Andrew Hill

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