Bibliophile: unmarry me

unmarrymeunmarry me  

by Nicki Reed

Text Publishing

Melbourne couple Ruby and Mark are happy are madly in love but in the middle of celebrating their second wedding anniversary, Ruby asks Mark for a divorce. Ruby wants her decision to ‘unmarry’ her beloved partner to be a protest because the Hight Court has decided that her sister Peta can’t marry her girlfriend BJ.

Things are rather complicated as it is because Mark was previously married to Peta and they have a child -two and a half year-old Celeste. And Mark is busy donating sperm to BJ so Celeste can have a sibling.

As the unmarry me campaign gathers momentum. Mark and Ruby find out that it is actually quite difficult to get a divorce, especially when you really want to be together. And Mark and Ruby have to separate for a year before getting the divorce when Ruby was hoping to get pregnant.

Despite the unmarry me proposal seeming like a silly idea, the reader gets dawn into the dramas it creates and the ramifications the campaign has on everyone involved. Written from Ruby’s point of view, the story is splattered with humour and farce while gathering support for legalising gay marriages.

Lezly Herbert

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