Billy Bragg shows his support for transgender people

Billy Bragg has performed a new version of his song Sexuality where he changes the lyrics of the song to voice support for transgender and non-binary recognition.

Bragg’s original tune came out in 1991, and is featured on his sixth album Don’t Try This At Home. The song was the first single off the album and voice solidarity with gay people.

Now Bragg has begun performing the song with a new set of lyrics that voice support for transgender people.

On social media he explained why he’d updated the song.

“Times changed. Anyone born since the song was released would wonder why it’s a big deal to find common ground with a gay man. The front line now is trans rights.” Bragg said on Twitter.

Sexuality is a song about learning to respect difference. In 1991, the LG community were marginalised by AIDS and Section 28. Now that we have gay marriage etc the song needs updating and today, it’s the trans community who are marginalised and need our allyship.”

After a prolific period in the 1980’s and early 1980’s the folk singers output has slowed down a little. Bragg has just released his eleventh solo album The Million Things That Never Happened. Alongside his solo work he’s also put out two collaborative albums with American band Wilco, which utilised previously unpublished lyrics by Woody Guthrie.

OIP Staff

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