Bolt: Did SBS Ban Marriage Ad Because CEO is Gay?


Andrew BoltChannel Ten’s Andrew Bolt has continued his criticism of SBS banning an advertisement from the Australian Marriage Forum asking if SBS staff refused the ad because their CEO is gay?

On his weekly program Bolt called on SBS management to clearly explain why they had refused to run the advertisement from the Australian Marriage Forum.

Bolt argued that it was a double standard for SBS to show advertisements for dating services like Ashley Madison while denying airtime to the Australian Marriage Forum.

“So why does SBS show ads like this from a dating service for married people who want to have secret affairs, ads likely to destroy marriages, break up families and hurt children. At the same time SBS has banned another ad, also featuring married women, but this – defending traditional marriage from the gay marriage push.”

“SBS executives have refused to explain why they’ve banned that ad, which Chanel Seven and Nine both ran. We’re they just scared of offending their boss Michael Ebeid who is openly gay and often tweeted his support for same sex marriage.” Bolt asked.

“That’s just no on, it’s not his SBS it’s ours, but isn’t it strange to show ads undermining traditional marriage – but ban ones defending it.”

A spokesperson for SBS told OUTinPerth, “SBS reserves the right to determine what adverts it broadcasts”.

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